You must fill in an application form if you want to claim compensation. The application form tells us:

  • The full name of the licensed investment intermediary.
  • The type of investment you made.
  • When, why and how much you invested.
  • Why you believe you have a claim.
  • We will need to see evidence the firm has given you about your investments. The more information you give us, the easier it will be to deal with your claim.

A specimen application form will be available as soon as the need arises.

Time for making a claim

The Investor Compensation Scheme has a duty to advise the public of any determination that has a bearing on the ability of a licensed firm to meet its obligations to investors. Therefore you should make your compensation claim as soon as possible after you become aware that a licensed firm has been determined to be in default. The Regulations set no time limits for making a claim for compensation to the Scheme. However we will normally abide by legal time limits, such as those that a Court would apply, although in certain circumstances we may disregard such limits.

Processing the claim

After we have examined your claim and examined all the facts and figures, we will inform you whether you are eleiglbe, and if so, the amount of compensation which we can pay you.

We aim to pay compensation for verified claims within three months from a determination. However delays may be caused by factors outside our control, such as if an application for compensation is not fully completed, or in cases where the insolvency is particularly complicated. For example we may have difficulty getting hold of important files or be waiting for information from a liquidator. Such factors are outside our control, and may force us to request an extension for the processing of your claim.